Thursday, March 5, 2015

Relic Brits have landed...

My army for Relics has arrived! I did pick up a starter pack and the rulebook at the convention over the weekend. But the bulk of the forces were ordered from The Outpost due to the Tor Gaming website being closed for inventory checks for the conventions themselves. And was redirected to alternatives such as The Outpost.

But they arrived nicely today, and all smushed into a single medium sized box.

So what did I get though? Well.. simple put.. all of it :D As starting a skirmish army should be made like :)

I now have the following from my main order..

  • Puppeteer
  • 6 Highlanders
  • 2 Marksmen
  • Company Master Sergeant
  • 9 Troopers
  • 2 Light Calvary
  • Bomber

And you can see them all assembled above also. Quite a few had some nasty mold lines, but nothing that a file or 3 couldn't tackle nicely. Aside from that they assembled quite easily overall. 

Though they were not terrible, they are not the easiest. That or I have been pampered too much with resin and high end plastics. 

What is a problem is that I still have the second starter to assemble as yet :( Thankfully it is only 9 models in total though!

Onwards.. and now to go and review how Simon made up his bases to his Brits so that I can steal be inspired for my own bases :) More on that soon enough I guess :D


  1. Yay!! They look great don't they. They do have some moldlines but I'd say in my opinion they are a bout average. The Resin figures they have just released are gorgeous with very minimal lines a bit like Hasslefree.

    Any questions on basing using milliput just drop me a pm via facebook :)

    1. Been so long since i have worked on 28mm metal miniatures.. don't know what is normal or not anymore :D Now you are making me want to see their resin pieces!
      And will probably be msging you later about the bases ;) Thanks for the offer :D

  2. Oh dear. More people infected by the madness! That's all I need.

    1. Sorry Clint.. but they are kinda cool looking models :) Spent most of last night working on the bases of these guys.. so expect to see some posts of them getting some paint on them soon enough!

  3. They are indeed cool (and super cute) looking minis. Should be fun to paint!

    1. They have been do far. Though there is a bit of flash I forgot to remove before starting, but still decent :D


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