Project UK: Scotsmen HO!!!!!

Yeah this bunch of kilt wearing soldiers of fortune are finally finished. Though this is only the first 53 of the full 63 batch.

I just have to say that the kilts plaid pattern was just a full on bastard to me. I was trying to copy the Clansmen of Lamsdon kilt pattern by the client's request. I really should have looked at it a bit closer though cause I thought it was only in white, not in yellow, off blue, and white. Ugh for me. Thought it was only going to take me 2 hrs, but it ended up taking 4 instead. So all in all, this batch took me around 20 hrs in total.

As I can say this was a bit more difficult than I originally thought, but I like the end result en mass for the group though.

Also, with regards to taking photos of the whole group or larger pieces I have now just taken another step towards finding the appropriate set up. And for this one it was quite easy....

Yup.. my painting apron from Massive Voodoo. The cloth from it is a nice shade to hold a good background for the models themselves. Expect to see it appear in the background a bit more for future bigger pieces. It just solved my issues when I am trying to figure out what to do for larger model pieces. Let's see if I can keep it clean enough though to take the photos now!


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