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Kill Team - Genestealer Cult forces

  Another project that I started over the lockdown with my colleagues from Mr Lee's Minis. A small kill team to play with. Thanks in part to Volomir's challenge, but more from seeing Roman Lappat push himself to paint up a death squad of Dark Angel Marines! I have always liked the Genestealer models, and more so the cult forces. So this was a good time for me to jump into them. And since it would be a smaller force I could put a bit more time into them as well.  So here goes with the first ones before I kinda got a bit too carried away with some other projects.  The first 5 models came out nicely, and I have a good groovy on the color scheme now. Though not all can be used, and it seems I might have been a bit overzealous on weapon options with them, but in the end it gives me a decent placeholder at least. Still need to paint up another 5 or 6 before I have a full gang worth, but its a good start.  Let's see how they go, as I pick them back up over the Christmas holidays!

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