Undead Shamblers - Almost finished?

Well I have come to the point where I need to call this beauty finished. At least for now.

My energy levels are already quite depleted and so putting effort into a piece that I might just be making worse is not a good thing to be doing.

It has been a great project to work on, and I know there are areas that I need to update, and will in time, but for now it is finished. And I call it a day.

It was a good project to get myself back into painting something more than just table top, and allows me to now get back to long overdue projects that I have wanted to get done, or have started but never finished.

It will come with me to Denmark in June to get some additional feedback while at Roman's workshop. And depending on time I might be able to do minor adjustments to it.

At the moment though he is finished, and I now ponder if I should keep the socket in wood, or paint it black. I am of 2 minds of it at the moment as both have their merits.

Enjoy and now I am off to find another mini project to get me back to understanding how paint flows once more before I start in on the larger pieces!


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