3+ years later..

So it has been over 3 yrs since I last updated this blog, and it seems that the bots have overrun the comments in more places than I would like to admit. 

But where have I been in the last 3 yrs? Well quite a bit has happened.. as usual.. 

Finally got out of rental status here in the UK.. and bought our first house! Which turned out to be a horrible situation with some quite dreadful neighbours that put me into quite a state of anxiety as they wrecked havoc on our nerves. 

Though we did finally get our full working visas now for the UK. Which was good timing as I was thrown into a whirlwind of chaning roles at work which ended with me going on stress leave for a month, but coming out of it with a new role that I interviewed well for half way through my leave of absence! And still with the same company, so that was a great result!

My side company, Mr Lee's Minis, also went through some growth in this time, requiring more and more space to operate as we took on more companies, artists and products. Moving from our little shed in the back garden, to a small storage unit, to then a medium storage unit.... We even updated the logo of it due to wanting to show that we have grown a bit from the early days!

Even though all of this happened, the stress leave, and change in position was a very positive thing to happen to us here. As it then gave me enough strength, alongside my partner, to really put energy behind moving.. again.. :D

However this time into what we can see as being our pre-retirement home ( regardless of all the retirement phamlets we seem to be receiving since moving here ). A nice larger home, with a spacious double garage, that Mr Lee's Minis has taken over. A good space for a painting studio where I can have a majority of my supplies and projects sprawled out. 

This would be my 80th move, or thereabouts as it gets a bit bemuddled on exact numbers, so we settled for a nice round figure. But it is definitely one that we are feeling more comfortable in, able to relax in, and enjoy finally. 

And with all the space, and a bit less stress at times, I have actually begun to get back into painting! Huzzah! And even setting ambitious goals for myself once more in things like army building which has not happened since... well... the last time I was updating this blog! 

Just a few of the bits I have been working on recently, and plan to continue on with over the forthcoming holidays. And to join in on the annual Analogue Blogger painting challenge! Which I am very happy, and humbled, by Curt's acceptance to allow me back in after my failure to keep up last time around. Always appreciative, and really looking forward to getting right on into it with the rest of the gang there! With just a few models lined up for some armies in the wings, it should be a real treat to see them get finished and put out on display! 

So here is hoping that this brings forth a good ending to my hiadus from painting. A good final to the year 2020. And to seeing many more pieces painted and ready to game when things return to some sort of normalcy in the future! Things, although not the most unstressful, are moving in the right direction. And I am really trying to work on seeing the positives more than the negatives here. Hopefully I can keep it going. 

Hope there are still a few that have this showing up on their read lists, but if not, thats cool also. Will continue to plug away and share a bit more of my inner thoughts and some of my painting adventures well. Of which there are a few! 


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    1. Yes, now let's see if that is a good or bad thing lol

  2. Great to see someone returning to hobby!!! So many seem to have left during the past twelve months, and what awesome painted minis you've posted too!! :-)

  3. Glad you have settled down a bit. Best of luck with everything

  4. Your back here! That’s great! And great looking minis. 👍
    Also great news with the house, moving, the company and foremost the positive outlook. And that beard!


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