Night Goblin: Arachnarok Spider doppelganger

Whoa this is bright blue.. and that is what I hope my opponents also say..

Say hello to my not so little friend.. this guy is to play as my distraction model when playing WHFB. My hope being that everything goes after such an imposing, bright model, and leaving the other imposing and not so bright model to slip on through.. that is the plan at least..

Why blue? And more importantly, why such a vibrant blue? Well.. honestly.. why not? Who is to say that the Spiders need to be natural colors? Also with my Night Goblin force coming from a more bright blue back ground ( originally they were coming from colder regions of the WH world ), so this model fits into the color scheme better than the other one did.

Again, no howda on it, and I also did not put in the front spikes to it. Not sure if I will either actually. Makes it that much more different to the rest.

Carapace was done with the airbrush, and also this time the model was done in parts. Painting was better, but planning needs work. Due to being in parts, I didn't line up the back legs to both fit into the wood pieces, so only one is in, and the other is sticking out now. Not terrible as it makes the model sit on the base at a weird angle, and again throws off the style of it a bit.

Skin areas was attempted in airbrushing, but came out horrible, so just leaned back on the skin recipe used by the DE Wychs many times previously. Worked out well enough.

Currently it is waiting on a couple of coats of matte varnish to seal it up, but it will be seeing its first games this weekend at Izmircon!!!! Alongside his brother spider in a 2k point 3 round tournament on Sunday. Should be fun to see how dual Arachnarok spiders play in such a small point limit. I have other surprises for that list also, but will wait till after the tournament to talk more on them. Don't want my potential opponents to know all my plans now do I??

More pics below..


  1. Sweet Arachnarok Mr Lee. The bright blue to black gradients remind me of the poison dart frogs. So it is quite natural actually and highly poisonous.

    1. Wow.. that was kind of unexpected! I was going for a bright distraction, and in reality did something natural? Thanks for the link and reference!

  2. That is bloody stunning, amazing work Mr.Lee.....

    1. Thanks Fran.. was fun to paint up! Now to bring it to the tournament scene and see how it does :)


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