Thursday, March 23, 2017

ECW Parliament forces

So a long time ago now ( 5 yrs? ) I had painted some ECW models from Warlords for a friend of mine back in Istanbul. No idea what he did with them or used them for.. but I painted them. I did not have fun with them back then.

For whatever reason I have started to paint up a full force this time and for myself even! I have to say that this first unit was the hardest slog of painting I have done for a while. And I will need to figure out another way to do it going forward. I think the biggest issue was the manner in which they are based. Being 4 to such a small base overall, so needing to come up with alternative methods to prep, paint and then move them to the proper base afterwards.

I really worked to make this as easy as possible and failed horribly in the beginning. There were lots of drybrushing throughout the process, but I do hope to fix it in future units.

Ground work was a pain, as I needed to remove them from other MDF bases, and then reapply them to the new bases in the right positions. This was trouble especially with the pikes to try to align them all up without crossing each other.

The only thing that I did figure out to work nicely was how to paint all the Pikes. Which was tac'd to a round socket, primed, and airbrushed. Helped to get a good coverage without stabbing myself with them attached on the models themselves.

When all finished though they do look interesting though. And I do want to see what this will look like when I get the full force painted up and onto the table. Transportation of it all will be a pain cause of the pikes, but I have ideas for that. Though I need to find a ton of very thin magnets to attach to the bottom of them to make this work. Something to find on ebay at some point I suspect.

My hope is that once I have moved house, and have a bit more space around to set this all up, I can plow through this army quickly enough to get them all done, and then have a few games with it at the club. Until then.. enjoy!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Dwarf Alchemist

A new release for Mr Lee's Minis whereby we have this wonderful new Dwarf Bust ready to show off. I was lucky to get Kris over at BrokenToad to cast up a test piece for me to paint up while we wait for the larger batch to get completed.

Sculpted by the talented Przemysław Szymczyk from Poland.

I was lucky enough to jump on it quick enough when it was first announced on Facebook direct from the artist. It was a quick jump from there to getting it cast up and now to have it released!

I played around with the first copy by using mostly primary colors to get all the shades done. Though I have to notice that the piece came out a bit grey at times due to the primary choices I had on hand.

I was also learning on how to use Jo Sonya paints. Although nice, and fluid, they are a bit too much at times. Such as when I began to do some washes from the GW range, it was pulling up a bit of the Jo Sonyas.

The texture on the cloak was really nicely done and can be seen throughout the model here.

I really wanted to do some extra colors within the piece so added a lot of red throughout the cloak here to give it some variation.

The odd piece here and there throughout the piece was also nice. Such as the small tears on the cloak, or the beard beads placed throughout his locks from the chin.

I could still push the contrast further on him here, but have left it as it were for now. As it will give a good idea of how the model can be painted up for shows, and sit nicely on the display shelves for conventions.

Currently available from Mr Lee's Minis via our messaging system or can email us at to order one!

Sitting at 55mm tall, and cast in High Quality resin by BrokenToad.

Hope you enjoy it and hope to see more of them painted up soon!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Robot Shepherd

This was a great "little" project that we did for Curt over at Analogue Hobbies and for our entry fee to enter his yearly painting contest.

The deal with this year was that it could not be a solo project like previous years. It had to be a collaboration between multiple participants.

So I was lucky enough to team up with 3 other members, Clint, Iain, and Simon, to put this scene together. Clint being the main mastermind behind what everyone would be painting, and then letting me having a bit of freedom to put them together.

So with the other 3 painting up sheep for the scene, I was left with how to put it all together. I had been passing a few ideas back and forth and wanted to do a Shepherd for them, but didn't want to go the traditional route with them however. So hence the robot was put into the mix there. Knowing that I had plenty from past years purchases.

So first up really was trying to figure out the placement of all the models and make a proper sized base for them all. For this I actually pulled 2 separate sockets ( a huge flat one, and one that had a jagged edge ). And this gave me a really nice cliff like appearance here. Adding in some more rocks, putty, and dirt would then round it all out.

Of course since everyone else painted the sheep, I couldn't just place them on the base and then begin the painting. So I had to work out how to make this work, while still not making it super obvious that the sheep were just tacked there in the end. So that's where a ton of the grass and foliage sections were added once everything was painted up and the sheep attached :) Seems grass works great to hiding join spots :D

As for the Robot, he was positioned to be looking he was perched on the edge of the mini cliff there watching over his flock. So I tried to make him look like he was resting a bit there. And instead of a crook staff for him, I gave him a lab sign. Mostly cause that was all that I had around, but also cause I think if a Robot is watching sheep some sort of experiment is going to happen in the future.

In the end it was shipped off to Curt in Canada once finished and posted up to the contest where we got a nice runner up voting of it in relation to a book/movie. We aimed for "Do Androids dream of Electric Sheep" which we were pretty stoked to have.

Now to post up a few more that I have painted recently in between packing boxes and getting ready to move.. again...

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Big Haired Samurai - Preorders open from Mr Lee's Minis

So with all the great artists I get to work with, there are times that I even get to direct them to make something specific. In this case it was a big haired Samurai.

Originally he was supposed to be a bit shorter overall, however Oleksandr really wanted to add a lot of details into the piece. So he crept up in size to almost 75mm scale. And honestly, this is why I love working with the talent that I am privileged to work with. Cause they know the best scale to get the most out of the figure or sculpt.

I went for a very simple scene here and tried to make the painting stand out a bit more instead. So the base is simply 2 pieces of broken slate stacked on each other. With some sand and dirt tossed on top of each of them. A very simple scene therefore, and just a platform by which he can be standing on top of.

What I do like is that there a few smaller details that really set this piece apart from others. The small MJ that he is holding in his right, while his left holds his sheath there. Which was a lot of fun to paint up, and probably just as much fun for Oleksandr to sculpt on the figure.

The socket itself is yet to get primed black, and also some heavy magnets to be placed on the bottom to hold it in place.

Although I did not put as much colors into the shadows as I have in other pieces. I think it worked out nicely here. And I really worked to add texture into the cloth sections more that I have in other pieces. So putting criss cross lines throughout his shirt to make the shadows and lights more interesting.

In the end I am really happy with the results here.. and cannot wait to paint up another one with more emphasis on perhaps some sort of night scene perhaps?

Now he is currently being cast from our main caster, BrokenToad in the UK, and will be limited to only 75 copies. If your looking to pick up a copy, be quick as they are selling nicely here  and won't be around long. Pre-orders can be requested via email at
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