Friday, September 27, 2013

BAM... Reloaded..

After a short little trip over to Berlin for a couple of days, I am back, and right in time for the second BAM class from the Massive Voodoo boys, Roman and Raffa.

But, since this is my second class ( OK, so what if first one was just last weekend! ), I get the chance to paint something other than Brekk. So I choose this guy. This is him after most of the flash, holes, and what nots were fixed, and he was primed up 2k style.

And somewhere around 2am this is what he looked like..

Kinda, sorta a bit of work done on it.. but now the fun really begins as the airbrush work is finished, and we tackle the rest with a brush. Why Airbrush... well.. see if you can find the model online, see how large it is, and then come back and comment about it :)

And thanks to Heiko from the WuDao school of Kung Fu, this Dwarf will have a really cool socket/stand to sit on! Whoo hoo!!! But more on that laters. Will link to it all next week ( or so ) once I have more colors put on it..

Now to work on it a bit more while we wait for the rest of the students to show up!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Contest posting for Anne O'Leary!

Since I am still in Germany, waiting on my next BAM workshop ( model to paint.. unknown.. ) here is something for everyone to go out and support.

Anne from O'Leary Miniatures is holding a massive super secret contest for the ages over at her blog here.

You might remember that she just won a Dwarf Lord from Scibor from my recent contest, so it is quite nice of her to turn around and give back to the community as well! And she is doing it in style here!

What is really cool is she is doing it in conjunction with Patrick Hall who is also sponsoring the event with one of his latest books! How cool is that!

Have a look around her blog once you get there though as she has really begun to turn up the heat on her painting and turning out some mighty fine ladies these days ( such as those seen in her blog banner! ). Threw my name into the hat.. but with the amount of people entering I think my chances are pretty low :) Will see though, and go from there!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Quick BAM update...

Willkommen! Hos geldiniz!

So Mr. Lee takes off for another adventure in Germany to learn how to paint better. Above you can see how the Turkish culture is permeating my subconscious here and converted poor old battle worn Brekk into a local of the Anatolian culture.

His new name? Turkish Brekk Fez. Say it fast out loud, and let me know what you think of it ;) The strings from the hat are there, just this photo has them hidden. Will need to fix that for the future.

Right off the bat I can say that this class was great. Great people, great location, great paint, great end results, and great teachers ( but the last one goes without saying for all those that have gone to any of their classes already! ).

But damn if it is not tiring! Start at 6pm on a Friday, and go till you drop, only to start again at 10am the next morning. Again going into the wee hours of the night, before starting again at 10am on Sunday morning until roughly 6 or 7pm.. A very much long, intensive weekend that I suspect will only get better as they get the chances to do more of them.

So how'd everyone do? See the group photo below..

Each piece was really creative, and everyone put in a ton of effort into them. I do not think anyone walked away thinking why did I paint this, nor without learning something. Even the feedback session reflected this as well.

As you can tell from the number of busts in the photo ( though 1 is missing due to having to leave early! ) however that this was a smaller class. And although it might not have been desired by Roman and Raffa, I think it allowed everyone to have more 1 to 1 time with the MV boys, and also be able to learn more. I can see that the pupils were not the only ones to learn things though as Roman and Raffa were taking notes, and still refining this newer class that they offer ( being as this is only the 3rd time to run it so far! ). I cannot wait to see what future classes hold once they get a chance to refine it!

What was really cool was how we created a massive table for everyone to sit at. Which allowed for discussions to be thrown across the table. Be it inspiration or just word play against the poor Brekk name. Like Brekking Bad or Brekk Queen. Will save you the agony of hearing the rest that were put up, but if anyone from the class sees this, feel free to comment below with some of the others :)

Not much else to really say at this time as I am still digesting some of the information ( OK, most of the information! ) from the class. So expect a more in depth review coming. Plus some comments on what else I need to do still on poor Brekk here before I can call him finished!

Meanwhile, it is time to see the sights of Hamburg and meet up with more of the local painters! Can't wait!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Alice Tutorial: Part 3.. the Rabbit

First off, I am writing this at 10pm last night.. as I should be boarding or already on my plane heading towards Germany. For those not following along with previous posts.. I am heading to Massive Voodoo's BAM classes. Their advanced teaching classes on how to paint miniatures. Where you add the BAM at the end to really make them stand out.

I fully expect to have a headache by hour 2.. but expect a huge review when it is all over ( separate ones since I am going to both of them! ).

Anyways.. Mr Rabbit.. to start off I will apologize as this was a very quick paint job, and will get a very quick write up. Also there are very little WIP shots, but I will show what I can..

The biggest thing I tried for this was to make him metallic. So the base color was a simple covering of dark brass or Tin Bitz from GW. And I mean everything got this. I took a huge brush, thinned the paint down, and just covered him in it. No 2k priming here, just a straight back undercoat.

With this out of the way, I then started to drybrush ( I know.. horrible.. on a showcase model no less! ) lighter brass and bronze colors from Vallejo Game Color range. I know a lot of people do not like this range from Vallejo but their metallic here are top shelf in my books!

Once I had what I thought would be a good base of metallic colors laid down, then I had to think how to put color back into it. As this was one dull little rabbit! Even if he was a bit shiny ;)

So I began to experiment. Again, scary since I am entering this into the Brushbrothers forums first real contest, but I knew if I did not experiment I would not be learning. On-wards we went!

The experiment here was to bring back, again, the traditional colors of the rabbit from Alice. So white was the color of the day here. But straight white would be too stark. So I pulled out the Andrea Black set and used its Base + Highlight colors to set the tone, and then highlighted up to a white. This began to give the rabbit the life I was looking for. Still a bit dull, but at least now it had SOME color in it. Even if it was only shades of grey and white.

Though at this point my painting posse began to say things like "it is too ... mmm.. something..." or "it needs more color but nothing bright..". In the end we decided that we should throw that magical Dark Sea Blue into the shadows. It would not change or stand out too much, but it would add the green/blue/black coloring to the shadows to make them work more.

Concerning the placement of the white on him though, I really tried to stick to the larger flatter areas. Thinking that these would naturally be painted, and the more movable parts would still be their metallic coloring. Hopefully my hunch was correct, but no one has said otherwise so.. :)

Not much else to really say on this. Again it was very basic. I kept the palette of colors limited. I think he had the pop needed to be seen on the base, but is drab enough to hide in the background when looking at it as a whole. He does not steal the spotlight from Alice ( which was always the fear there! ) and so he really works out nicely in the end!

Ok, maybe he steals a bit of her thunder but not enough to tip the scales :)

And now I bid ado for this post.. and potentially for the next week as I head to Hamburg and Berlin for some painting, drinking, discussions of miniatures, drinking, and learning.. and maybe some drinking? Not sure if I will have a stable internet connection or when I will be able to post next, but do expect me to take lots of notes, and plenty of photos! And then do a big write up like I did for the Beginners workshop back in March! Basing, Painting, Final Thoughts!

Stick around and find out the advanced classes go... this time with both Roman AND Raffa leading the class.. I have goosebumps.. do you? BAM!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Alice Tutorial... Part 2: Alice...

OK so part 1 was all about the base.. best not to go back into that.

Part 2 is all about painting the miniatures on the base. Fancy that logic eh? Starting up with Alice here and trying to explain the thought process behind her painting.

First things first.. the biggest thing I had to decide with this mode was how was I going to paint it? What colors schemes were right for this piece. Well going back to my inspiration photo, I knew the traditional colors were more likely to play out here. But since she is steampunkish, I had to figure out how to capture that as well.

For this, we go back to the web and look for inspiration..

Are we inspired yet? I kinda am :) This photo gave me a good idea on how Steampunk'd girls would dress ( kinda like the Alice model ) and what colors to use. I had thought of tossing out the traditional colors for this mode muted greys etc.. but opted not to in the end. It would fade too much into the base colors made up.. but i would pull pieces of it, like the stockings and boots, into the model itself. Why not try some freehand painting on a model that is about half the size of my regular pieces and twice as detailed! Sure.. why not..

I would also try to make the hair brighter, not white like this model's hair, but more yellowish. Again trying new things with it.

Here you can see that I tackled the largest section of the model first. Not the face, nor painted inside out, but from the dress. I really wanted to make that part work the most as I knew it would be where many would see first ( and was trying to ) in comparison to the face.

As you can see in the first photo that I was going up to white with it, but on the back it is a lot darker. Again this was intentional as I was trying to make the front be where the light source was coming from.

The biggest issue I had here though was that I was making the contrast too much too quickly. And since this is supposed to be fabric, it was coming out more like NMM Power armor on a little girl. Not the best style for a dress, but upside.. I now potentially can paint power armor in NMM style! Woot woot!

Colors used so far were pretty simple. Base coat of Vallejo Model Color Prussian Blue, with VMC Dark Sea Blue and Black for the shadows, and White added to the Blue for highlights. Pretty simple right? 

Next you can see the rough blending happening on the dress better, and how I tried to do a stripe pattern on her apron at the same time. This apron was a complete fail, and would be redone in the end. But it gave me hints on how I would tackle the arms and stockings though because of it. Also it was from these photos that the Brushbrothers group would point out better on where I needed to smooth out my blending. Pointing me back to places such as Massive Voodoo, and their art book ( still available from PK-PRO I hear ;) ). And showing me other examples from their own work or others on Putty&Paint. Never underestimate the power of reference photos. Something that I have not done until just recently!

So with these fresh comments, and a renewed vigor I jumped back at this model. Which is surprising as in the past this would probably have just left the model to the wayside to collect dust and sit in something called a WIP cabinet until it is completely forgotten. But not this time due to the community behind me pushing me to finish this.

Thing is I still was afraid of how to fix the dress as you can see above, so I began to look at the other pieces of the model and sketch them out a bit further. In this case, the skin, boots, leggings, and hair. The apron was still being discussed as to which direction to take. Could I lighten it up and fix it as is? I tried by adding some brown into the colors.. but this just took it in the opposite direction I was hoping it could go. Go figure..

Skin tone was an interesting mix, but the thing I focused on the most was the facial triangle. Something that I picked up in the many classes ( Both Steffen's and Romans's ) in that it is where the light sits the most on a face. So that was what I would focus on also.

This was extremely difficult for me as it was during a heat wave in Turkey, and paint was literally drying before getting from the wet palette to the model. So I was forced to thin my paint even more than usual to get less than desirable results. Then I began to shade it, and I aged poor Alice by about 50 yrs! Argh! So much frustration at this point, and people like Nathelis pointing out my flaws here was not always the most helpful, even if he was correct in MOST of what he was saying :) He does know a few things about painting female faces though, but his table side manner could use some work ;) ( Heck, even while writing this article, I am speaking to him and his comments are that it is not bad, just not as it should be for the face. :) Such a nice guy he is.. ).

For the skin on Alice, I tried a few things, but in the end went with an easy recipe ( at least for me! ) GW Cadian Fleshtone, with Ogryn Wash, and white added for highlights. Super simple here. I tried to add some VMC Burnt Cadmium Red to the cheeks and lips to give it some color, and the Prussian Blue came back out for the eyeliner and eyes. Speaking of eyes, I added some of the flesh tone to white in order to not make them stand out too much, before washing it with diluted black paint to cover the recesses. 

Everything at this point was basically a blue though.. I took all the comments and theories from everyone and everywhere and threw them into the model.

Biggest changes you can see here is the apron obviously. It is now a stark white. It would get a bit more shadows added to it in the future before being called done. The dress was smoothed out a lot. And I mean a LOT! This was done by basically taking the original blue, watering it fully down, and glazing it over and over again. Then adding a bit of white, over and over again. I probably did a 100 layers there with glazing. Letting it dry, and then doing it again. So boring, but damn if the end result is not exactly how I envisioned it to be!

This really pushed me to rework the face again and smooth out the transitions there. And lighten it up more also. Trying to add some shadows into the eyes, and around them as well without aging her too much. I think I brought her age down considerably at this point though.

Other pieces that can be seen are the metal works. I did not want to age them either, and I wanted them to be a bit brighter but not in color but in shininess. So although I had washed it with black and brown, and it became quite matte, I did some spot touch ups with gloss and satin varnish to make the shiny sections more shiny, and leaving the shadows matte. I might play around with this more in the future also as it had a really interesting effect on the metallic sections.

For the metallic sections, I just pulled out a random from the GW stock here at home, and used it. Cannot remember which one I used now :) But it was washed with Devlen Mud, Nuln Oil, and then redotted with the original metal colors to bring it back up a bit in shine. 

Same with the caterpillar on her hand. I wanted it to pull a bit of focus since it is what Alice is focusing on. So lime, florescent green was an obvious choice right? :) Can't remember the colors, but I do know that I used the new GW Green and Yellow glazes in the end to make it more powerful in its color.

Only pieces left were of course the small details like the lens on her goggles, and touching up pieces here and there. When placed on the base, I think I achieved the different coloring in blue, though many have commented that it is too much blue for the base. She does stand out a bit more due to it thankfully, and am happy with this direction.

So that was Alice.. and looking at the length of this article.. I will do a separate one for the rabbit.. though it will be considerably shorter.

Again, don't forget that this is up on a contest right now.. against Nathelis's entry of the Fairy Queen.. but in order to vote you need to be a member of Brushbrothers forums ( which contest aside I would highly recommend anyways )..

Now to write up about the rabbit.. yay... hope you enjoyed this though, and let me know in the comments if I should try to do this more often or not..

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Alice Tutorial.. Part 1: Basing

Or at least as much as I can muster considering I did not take that many WIP shots throughout the project.

Main reason for that is that I am still working on my skills for showcase painting, and thus most of the things I am doing these days are a first for me :) So a LOT of trial and error is put into these pieces, and sometimes they work, and sometimes not so much..

So again, here is the finished works.. with a black background.. another thing that I was playing around with on this model as I had a really difficult time trying to get the model to be in the right level of focus. Due in part to the levels put on the diorama, and the distance between the figures standing on it.

But anyways, that is jumping ahead of myself here.. right? Poor old Tom ( thanks for pushing for this! ) asked for a tutorial on this piece, and by George that is what he is going to get.. or something that may or may not resemble it.. will see..

The Beginning!

So with every project we have a starting point, and this one comes from winning Mastermini's 300th follower contest almost a year ago. Though it would take a server crash and a few FB messages to get it sent out, I was the lucky recipient of this OOP Resin Guild of Harmony Alice figure, accompanied by her faithful rabbit.

It was also luck that Brushbrothers Forums would be holding their first contest, with the theme of Fairy Tales! And coincidentally that contest voting time starts now.. but you would have to be a registered member of the forum in order to vote. So basically only people that want to improve their painting, get honest and sometimes blunt feedback, would want to register for that forum.. and then vote.. just saying..

But the beginning really came with the base/socket. My idea was that it had to hold a fantasy styling to it, but with a sorta steampunk vibe running through it. So steampunk cries stonework, and fantasy calls for magical. So floating bricks came to mind! This was something that I saw done in the basing video from Ben Komets over in Miniature Mentor and how he used Super Glue accelerator to glue pieces together to make them look floating. So I had a start with that!

My first socket on this was unfortunately a complete disaster! I tried to use a cork base, yellow/grey milliput, and then bricks to make the effect. It started off well enough, but then when I began to look at how to make some other stone work on the walls it really fell apart. But the floating bricks section was working as I had hoped! And so at least that aspect of the socket was a go!

With that in mind, I tossed this one into the "later" pile, and began anew!

Here you can see that instead of trying to show the road moving up, I just removed it and went for 2 levels from the beginning! The bottom layer having a typical cris-cross pattern found around Turkey here. Then I put in a pipe near the back corner, and began to add more on top! I had a small piece of plasticard to give the starting bricks something to grab hold of in the beginning and then worked out from there.

The idea of the falling bricks came with the Story of Alice in Wonderland and when she met the Rabbit. How she fell down the rabbit hole and everything kind of tumbles around her. So I tried to give the base some movement like that here.. like she is on the road and it is dissolving or falling apart as she walks along it.

Adding in some more steampunk aspects were watch gear pieces that I picked up from PK-PRO in an earlier order ( and had no idea when I would use it but hey, this is a good time as any! ). These were probably not really needed as much as I put them on ( and I did not put many on ) but I think for the pillar/pipe piece it really helped a lot. Gave it a bit more of a conversational piece here.

The dirt sections were actually just sand and pebbles super glued on. I had not yet found a good source of dirt around the house ( living in Turkey, between houses so no real plants ) and so sand it was. I think it would have been better with real dirt as it would have been more organic on it, but oh well whats done is done.

From here it was priming and painting time! In the beginning I had searched for some photos of Alice in Wonderland that had brickwork to help me give it a theme or setting.. I went with the latest movie adaption from Tim Burton here for inspiration..

Heavy in the de-saturated blues. Which, when compared to how I wanted to paint Alice should make her pop out on the base. Or at least that was the hope.

Before this however, many on the Brushbrothers forums suggested some really wild colors like pinks, and yellows, and such.. I did try this, but quickly found it too overpowering on the base and it would pull focus from Alice too much.

So with this in mind, I primed it with 2K priming via airbrush, and then covered it in Shadow Grey from the Vallejo Game Color range. Many will criticize this range for the fact that it does not play nicely with other colors for blending. They are right for this, but it was the color that I thought best fit the scene above and to give me the background I was hoping for.

With this as the base, it was then the arduous task of blending the bricks from a white to a darker blue/black. My goal was actually to make it look like there was a spot light on the front corner section. So I painted all the bricks light source to point that way. Using mostly wet-on-wet blending for this to work, and then some feathering of the paint near the end.

The blends are not the best here, but again I am OK with that. As it gives the base a different character and I was going for theme more than technical painting for the base work. I also tried to paint all the edges in pure white to make them pop out a bit more.

You can see int he photo above the blending is a bit off, but the direction of light is what I was focusing on the most.

The sandy sections were painted up with mostly washes of different browns and creams. With brown/black ink thinned down near the end.

Mushrooms were painted in shades of red, and having the shadows done the same as the bricks with Dark Sea Blue. They are a bit shiny though, but this is due in part to the red ink I painted on them near the end.

Only thing left in the end was to add some foliage. As my inspirational photo had a lot I was hoping to add a lot here also. Flowers, and some bigger leafs, and grass, etc... however all those supplies were in an order that has traveled more than I have recently. So I had to settle with what I had in hand which was mostly the MiniNatur stick it grass, and some spongy greenery.

Both were inked, washed, let to dry, and then slight tinted lighter green and yellow. Again trying to aim for the direction light came from. Not the best effect in the end, but I am OK with it at this point..

End result is what we have here below.. the final product with the miniatures attached and all put together. Does it work? Sure.. I think it does what it needed to. Could it be better.. definitely. But that goes for pretty much all pieces. Will I update it or fix it in the future? Probably not.. it is a milestone for me and if I continue to work on it, I will not know where I came from or where I went to in my progress.

Expect a similar article up tomorrow or so on how I went about painting Alice and her Rabbit.. not sure how I will split those up or keep them together.. depends on how bad the wall of text is..

Hope you enjoyed this, please let me know in the comments if this was helpful, or not, and where I could have done better!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sedition Wars batch 2 arrives!

Yay! What a week.. first my Kickstart from Reaper Bones shows up, and now the second batch from Sedition wars shows up! What is really awesome is that it also got through customs with no fuss, and this time with no fee! Super happy Mr Lee here!

Of course since I have ordered 2 of the board games, I got double the rewards! Plus my extras that I ordered in it.

Items I ordered over top of the boxset are:
  1. Calamity Crew ( Firefly crew )
  2. Susan Ridley ( Ridley from Aliens ) + Strain option
  3. Hexen Phrecirus ( 6 from Battlestar Galaxy ) + Strain Option
  4. 2x THI suits
My choices were pretty straightforward though.. I liked the firefly show ( still do actually ) and so it was a no brainer to pick it up. Ridley and 6 were also pretty cool, and I thought they would fit in nicely with the rest of the sets. The THI suits were an impulse, but I liked the original resin versions from McVey so figured why not get them for the Vanguard as well. 

Of course I also got all the normal batch 2 items for the games including the drones, the bonecrabs, the special characters and Kara Black's massive armored suit. Which again, is pretty cool. Also included are 2 painting DVDs on how to paint the Sedition wars. I seem to be collecting quite a few painting DVDs these days.. 

My initial reaction after opening the package though is that all the special characters are really small! I mean they fit in with the rest of the game, but they are really tiny in comparison to what I have been painted recently. And since I was so hyped about the firefly crew, I opened them first. Only to find that they are also multi-piece, and that Malcolm head is separate and comes with a massive mold line! ARGH.... normally not a bad thing but when on a model that is only 30mm tall, it can be pretty disgusting to try to fix. And when I say 30mm tall, I am not talking in GW terms, I am talking in more realistic terms. So he is tall but tiny at the same time! So I am a bit worried at how I will be able to get the mold lines off without completely ruining the heads. Patience will be a virtue here.. 

So now what? I have  ton of Sedition Wars models already not painted and sitting in their boxes.. I have the 2 show boxes of Reaper Bones models kicking around.. and I have 3 more board games/miniature systems on route from various other kickstarters.. Oh well.. Just means I live by the painters creedo being that so long as I have unpainted models I cannot die... right?!?!?! That is how it works is it not?  More likely it means that once this move to UK is over, I will have a lot of things to buckle down on and paint up! And to teach my little one how to play some higher up boards games instead of Angry Birds version of Sorry!

Enjoy the photos, and let's see when I get some paint on these puppies!

Monday, September 16, 2013

First looks at painting Reaper Bones!

Ok, so not as much completed over the weekend in the painting department as I would have liked.

I blame this partially on the poor weather, and the chores that needed to get done, but also on the new PS3 FFXIV game that finally came to Turkey. After picking it up on Friday, I knew that my weekend was shot, and low and behold it was.. meh.. still a pretty sweet game, and a good time suck all around!

Anyways.. that aside, I did do a bit of hobby related work. First I worked on picking what projects I would take to show at BAM which is rapidly approaching, and also fixed the transports with some foam to better safeguard against breakage.

That aside though, I also tackled the first of many Reaper Bones models! And since it was the first take on these little b*****ds I figured I should pick an easy model. So this old lady sweeping from the Townsfolk range was my first victim!

Prep was simple. I took it to the sink, pulled out the soap and an older toothbrush and gave it a scrubbing.. all the while praying to the artistic gods of yore that the mold release would be removed, and it would hold my paint. What is funny is that for this I actually took WIP shots throughout the whole process! And since I have been asked a few times lately how I go about painting here is a kinda walkthrough of my process :)

So here we see the model, post wash and scrub, attached to a 20mm base, sand glued on, and then pattafix'd to a socket to make it easier to hold and paint her. Pretty standard start to a model these days! I have tried to remove some of the mold lines, but since this is a test, and a model that would most likely sit in the background, I am really not too bothered with them.

Next up is the airbrush primer. I am out of Black ( on order and will hopefully pick up in Hamburg this time around ) so this is Dark German Grey. Again from Vallejo's primer range. Great little stuff, and so far the paint is holding!

Now the classic 2k priming.. though for me, I tend to go with a 3k.. being Black/Light Grey/White. Shooting the light grey at a 45 degree angle from the top, and then the white from directly above. This gives me a little bit more variation in the shades on the model, and since it is with the airbrush it takes so little time extra here.

Airbrush is put aside, and the face was worked on. No real step by steps here, as I was experimenting on the colors again. Here I used the GW Cadian Fleshtone as a base. Then added white and cream to it to lighten it up, and Vallejo Air Color Mud Brown for the shadows. After working on the Alice dio, I have begun to try to soften the colors used on female faces, so this was my first shot at it. Mud Brown was used for the eyebrows, and the eyes were washed with a black before adding some flesh+white. Then dotted with black.

Notice that I did not paint the arms yet. This is due to the fact that I have the dress behind it, and if I painted the arms now I most likely will have to retouch them up due to paint slippage. Happens when you don't want it, and doesn't when you think it will. Oh well.. such is life.

You can also see I began to pain the base here also but that was just cause I had a lot of mud brown still on the palette and it was a good color to use for the sand also.

Now the dress gets some paint. Pretty simple coloring here, and again the colors of Alice were used. I figured try it with something that I know best on this model so that I can give a better comparison against other mediums later on as a comparison. Here it is just a base of VMC Prussian Blue thinned a lot to lay on a few layers ( learned that from Alice also ), and then adding some white to it to lighten it up. Shadows are Dark Sea Blue and black. Again super thinned down and almost washed onto the model.

Base is just a series of washes and inks. Mostly brown/black inks, and sepia wash. Then drybrushed with cream for the highlights. Again, pretty simple and standard for the base here.

Shot of her from the rear. You can see a bit of the imperfections in the casting here better. But again, this model cost 50 cents or something like that.. really no right to complain here at all.

For the apron, I did not want stark white so went with a more greyish tones here. Again laying down a base of thinned layers instead of a heavy one layer. This was used from Andrea's Black set.. and was the base coat color for black if you can believe it.

I just continued on with the black set from Andrea working more on the highlights sections, and adding some white near the top. I also washed with with a very thinned black afterwards to bring the colors together, and tone everything down a bit more also.

At this point I also painted up the arms in the same manner as the face, and then began to work on the broom handle. Again mud brown was used here, and mixed in some black for the shadows, and cream for the highlights. Washed with Sepia.

Hat is similar to dress and apron. Nothing fancy.

And here we see the pretty much finished product. Broom bristles was washed with Sepia again, and then drybrushed with cream/mud brown.

Hair is mud brown, washed with Reikland Fleshtone from GW's new washes, and then touched up with cream/mud brown for highlights. Final pieces touched with some white.

At this point it would receive 2 or 3 layers of satin varnish from the airbrush again just to seal the paint in. Not sure how well it will hold, but for now it seems pretty safe. Might have to toss it into a bucket of models for a bit and see how it holds up!

And then photos taken with the big camera instead of my cell phone WIP shots. Gives a bit better picture of the overall model. But it was a nice one to paint up as a starter in this new material. And actually I think it hold promise more so than originally thought. It just depends on the model itself. But I can foresee with a bit more prep on these, and some better cleaning, I might have been able to paint this to a higher quality even. Instead of rushing through it like I did here.

Also it was nice to paint something with a pretty limited palette of colors. With only 10 or 12 colors in total, most of which were re-used throughout the scheme regardless of placement, it also brought together some interesting complimentary uses I think.

There are a few other models that I think will look great due to the material and can paint up nicely, but I will also attempt to paint up a model that I think is not suited for this material and see how it turns out also. More tests to occur!

And so.. what do you all think of this? Still a fail material or does it show promise when painted up a bit more? Comment below!
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