Monday, April 29, 2013

I'm Alive! or something..

Ok so I have not posted anything for a while.. mostly due to what I wrote in the last post being that I am/was/still am moving house. Aside from this week where I am in UK for work and meeting up with Zzzzzz..

So what or how did the move go, is going, will go if it ever finishes? So far so good.. with the main piece of the move completed semi-successfully.. the painting cave!

This is very much a work in progress to get right, but it is getting there. Set up, not in it's own room like previously, but in the living room! Yes, you heard right, the Mrs Lee here has allowed me to take over a sizable portion of the living room! Mwuhahahahah!!!!!

Actually the place we moved into is quite small, so this was really the only real option. It was supposed to be just a part of it, but well.. as items from the other house showed up, the area that I was taking over grew, and grew and grew.... Still sorting it all out, but it will get there.

And with this, do not expect many posts from me until next week again.. mostly this time as I am in UK and without paints or models to work on. Though next week I am on holidays at home where I plan to paint and paint and paint some more. So plenty of updates will come then.. until then though.. keep your stick on the ice ( as Red Green always said ) and keep on Happy Painting!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Packing progress... or something...

Yes, it has been a quiet week for me on the blog-o-sphere.. no real miniature related activities taking place as it is due to the impending move. Not THE move, but a move none the less to a rental while we await the fate of the futures..

In the meantime, what have I been doing miniature or hobby related? Mostly packing said hobby related activities!

Don't believe me? See below what 70% of my "gear" looks like in packages..

This is mostly the bigger miniatures, basing materials, larger tools ( but not power tools ), books, and un-assembled miniatures... there are 2 more boxes hiding behind the ones on the right but they are filled with video games, and DVDs..

The top 4 containers here hold the vast majority of my fantasy armies.. these are the largest plastic containers you can get at Ikea, putting Stopp on the bottom to prevent the models from moving around, packing peanuts to hold them in place, some soft foam to hold them down, and then the tops filled with more packing peanuts or insulation foam to keep everything down and in place. Then taped up!

Bottom 2 are the legos from my childhood, which have now been passed onto my son. Still have to take apart the train and pack it up. And you can see my son's miniature collection in the form of Skylanders on top of all the containers..

Tomorrow will be the last day for packing and it will be a hell day for me. With the bigger pieces of furniture being de-assembled on Sunday, and the big move happening on Monday! Expect a post showing my new temporary set up once I get it figured out next week. In the meantime, enjoy the weekend!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Daemons of Chaos: Plague Drones!

Well this unit took much longer than I anticipated.. With so many parts, and each causing problems to the item nearest it, I really have to take it piece by piece to get this painted up properly. End result is good I think, but it makes for a very long project in the end. Still not used to having such projects on my desk for so long.

I have another box of them also, so things that I will do differently next time is really double, and triple check the gaps, space out all the parts in the beginning, and do the carapace part before the skin! Masking off the skin was such a pain in the rear, but masking the carapace should be easier ( more straight edges there ). As you can see, I did my best to get rid of them, but they are like cockroaches.. they don't want to die! But they are a lot less visible now though so that is a huge plus!

I will also have a look at the normal PBs and see if I can make the riders a bit more dynamic for the next bunch.

Gaming wise.. no idea if they will do well, but I can say that they are extremely fragile! I was going to pin them, but the space for pins, and aligning them up were another headache. So it was all superglue, and superglue accelerator here. Let's hope they survive!

More photos below.. don't expect too much over the next week as Mr Lee and his brood are moving house!  Though not the big move to UK yet, but a slight migration from our house as it sold quicker than we expected. So lots of packing, and storing, and looking to see how this will work for the miniatures will be in progress this week. Should be interesting to see how I transport all my models!

Cheers for now and enjoy the weekend!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Plague Drones

Progress on the Plague Drones continues.. these are quick snap shots from my phone of the models..

Biggest thing I have done so far is the riders and the bases now.

Taking comments from my cohorts over at Brushbrothers&Sisters was to add some color variation on the models. So I have added some purple to the shadows of the riders. Not that easy to see in the photos, but I do like the effect in person, and will do the same with the drones themselves soon. I also threw in some brown washes to sections as well.

The riders came out a bit more yellow due to my mix, but I am OK with that.

Biggest thing I am not sure on yet is the horns. Whether or not I should paint them up in black or fade the more to a brighter color like the bodies. Thoughts?

More photos below..

By the way.. these are really not in the style that I learned from Germany.. mostly this is my older style of which I am trying to go a bit quicker with them as they are gaming pieces. That being said, it can't be helped to update them a bit with some of the tricks I learned.

Last piece I would like to update is the shells, where I might tint the white sections to be blue. Still on the fence on that, but it might occur still.. will see!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Artist Spotlight: Nathelis

So with all the painting workshops that I attend lately I figured I should begin to give some credit to those that help me achieve this.

Nathelis's new blog showing his work and also p1per's work. 

Obviously I could start with the MV crew, however I will save that one for later.

Where I would like to start is with my Austrian Painting Mentor, Nathelis! Having posted things up on the Brushbrothers&Sisters forums a lot over the last months, he has been the main person to keep pushing me throughout my painting work. Not to say that the others on the forum haven't, but Nathelis has continued past the forums to give me advice, and set aside time to chat via messenger etc to give me hints.

He even goes as far as to take an extra step within his forum threads to point out how he did something or what colors he uses and references back to me while doing so.. like here on his latest work for Catelyn Stark.

Biggest thing I can say about Nathelis at this time is that he is quite the focused painter. Always looking on how to make the model as realistic as possible. Citing real photos for inspiration, and looking at how to achieve those affects. Always learning, always explaining, and always pushing those around him to do better!

His blog, Miniature Fairy Tales can be linked to from here, or the banner above. Be sure to follow him, as I can expect that many will find something there to inspire them to new heights!

You can also see his work in more details on his Putty&Paint profile here as well.

So if you get a chance, check out his new blog, and below see a few of his works.. hopefully he doesn't mind being spotlighted here and having his work being shown off a bit more than it is already! My favorites from his collection are below.. but I will let you all go to his profile and site to see his other newer works.

Enjoy! Now back to normal painting for me while trying to think how I could make such works myself :)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Project Daemons of Chaos: Plague Drones WIP

So it was a hectic weekend of running around as most days are now.. our house sale has finalized, so we begin the process of packing and looking for a new place to move to!

With that in mind, although I spent a bit of time on the Morat, I have shelved it for now and picked up the brush to the Plague Drones that I picked up last week while in UK. I have 3 more to go with these, but wanted to see how the colors would work on it.

Still very WIP status here, but are coming along nicely all the same. Need to adjust the wings some though as currently they will be hell to rank up!

They are just sitting on there with the pins from airbrushing them.

Not sure how I will do the legs yet.. might be similar coloring to the body, or might do like the wings/shells instead. Will see.

Worked on this instead of the gangers as I was also experimenting on some leather texturing on another model ( shhh its a secret one still ) and want to get it right before hitting the gangers. Am hoping to really make the leather stand out with them when I am finished here. Let's hope that works.

As seen above, not a lot of colors used in the making of these really. Was pretty straight forward really with the Sybanite Green being the most prominent, and the washs/glazes doing the heavy lifting here. Back rank of greys are for the wings.

Don't expect much from me this month though as I continue to look for a new place to live, get ready to move, move, travel for work, and hopefully fit in some painting between it all! Not sure how much, but let's see all the same!

Oh and somewhere in all this, I really need to clean up around my painting area.. cause it is just getting too chaotic! Plus my latest spending spree for models is really not helping much!


Saturday, April 6, 2013

Morat WIP continues..

So I have had some time to work on this model a bit today. Mostly on the base that it will ultimately sit on.

Thought was of a broken street side, brick wall, kind of setting. Not fully finished ( obviously ) but something is missing on it and I am not sure what at the moment. Model is not glued down, just pinned for the time being to see what he looks like in the setting. I like the setting I think just not the colors :( Might redo .. well.. a lot of it.. just not sure as yet..

I'm using the same red/brown on the bricks as I did on the Morat's armor and pants.

Did this to get some sort of continuity between the model and the base.

Still have to figure out what is missing and how to correct it. In the meantime it will probably go back up onto the shelf for a bit until I figure it out and know how to update it properly.

Any comments to add to it are greatly accepted and welcome!

Oh and a quick shot of what my wet palette looks like for doing this base at the moment.

A bit chaotic.. can blame Roman for this and his style of painting, but at the same time it works for me so.. :)

In the meantime, back to life with family :) Oh and other commissions like the gangers.. have some nice ideas on the leather sections, and I am really excited to try it out.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Guest Tutorial - Magnets and Marines..

So another guess article from our mate in Ankara, Mert!

This time around it is a tutorial on how to put magnets to his marines to create Honor Guard variations.

Not much of a marine player myself yet, but I can see how this will help for others if they want to be able to swap out of their marines between Tactical and Assault as well.

Below is Mert's step by step on how he went about this, and what tools he needed for the process.

1- Required tools for this ; a candle , pliers and some pins...

2- We are going to create a small hole in the middle of the red dot...

3-You can burn head of the pin for around 8-10 seconds...

4-Repeat this drilling process until your pin's movement ended by penetration...

5-Six weapons are going to join their brothers...

6-Repeating the same drilling process , but this time we don't have to do over drilling...

*Mr Lee's Note: At this point, you could leave the pin, and paint the weapons while on the longer pins. Making it easier to get all the sections done up with a built in handle ( pin ) to hold them with. 

7-Cutting the pin...

8-Gluing the bottom of pin (red area) ...

9-We can start to magnetizing , dimensions are 1mm x 1,5mm ...

10-Cleaning and surfacing power armor's back zone and be careful about N/S poles..

*Mr Lee's Note: If interested, you can find magnets that would fit into the slot on the backpack here, and also drill a hole into the back of the marine. Thus having recessed magnets and having a more flush finish. 

11-Glue the magnets...

12-The changable Honor Guard is now ready to go...

13-Honor guards and their parts..

So hopefully this was helpful for others. I know for me, it was quite interesting to see, and I will be taking parts of it into consideration for some of my Dark Angels in the future. Having so many plasma weapons is good, but if I want to use something else like Meltas or what not, this is a good option. Same for Tactical vs Assault. 

Thanks again Mert! Giving us another tutorial at a perfect time when I am stuck in UK on work, and away from my hobby room and activities!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

WIP Infinity Morat Vanguard

Ok so over the weekend when I should be working on other topics, I started on this fellow.

Who is he? A random Combined Army Morat Vanguard Trooper from Infinity. That is who.

I picked him up from last years IzmirCon, and since I was unable to go to this years ( due to conflicting schedule with MV workshop ) I decided I should paint him up in tribute.

Actually, it was also in tribute to the MV workshop as I applied some of the techniques from the class into this model. Plus, he is the only model in my collection that comes close to being a monkey.. or rather a space monkey. So thought that might also fit into the MV style a bit more also :)

The biggest thing I tried here was to keep a consistent scheme running throughout the modle. A saturated color tone, that used the same highlights and low light mixes. What do I mean by that? This actually..

Regardless of main color, I used the same colors to highlight or shade them. In the shade region we have P3 Coal Black ( no Deep Sea Blue at home yet ) and Vallejo Model Black. For highlights I used Vallejo Model Stone Grey, and White. Vallejo Thinner, and GW Nuln Oil and Drakehof Nightshade.

Regardless of the color that I threw into the middle of these colors, I used them exclusively to give my colors depth or height. I think in the end it was a useful experiment to try out. Also makes the color selection a bit more important as some colors reacted well to them while others not so much. Though the biggest thing I liked is that it gave the model a unified look even though I used different shades.

Colors used throughout the project were..

 Starting with the pants sections I worked with a Brown violet base. First time using this color aside from the twigs on my model from the workshop. I actually found it to be quite an interesting color, and since it comes from the Panzer line of Vallejo's color range, I thought it would be good as a military color.

Seems that was a correct thing to do as it turned out great as a base color throughout a majority of the model.
Next color up was the Mahogany Brown, which is more of a red color. I thought that it would work well in contrast to the green. Not as strong as my normal colors so my hope was that the model would not come out as a Christmas elf in the end.

I think I won in that arena though, and it turned out as I hoped it would. More saturated in the end. It came out almost as if the armor plates were made of clay though. Not sure how much I like that, but I do like the effect in the end so.. win I guess?
For the more darker elements on the armor, I used a base of GW's Eshen Grey color. Mixing it with the other Vallejos was decent, but not the best experience. Nor was the fact that it was turning into too much of a metal effect, which was not what I was wanting.

Need to be more careful with greys and how they look when trying to blend them in the future.
For the bags and horns, I used Vallejo Burnt Umber. After shaking what for seemed like forever, it finally came out in the consistency that I was looking for.

Overall, a good color once it is mixed properly.
For the arms, I wanted something a big more flashy, and in the original paint scheme they were an ice blue. But since I was already quite unsaturated on the model, I thought a more bold color would be better here. So went with Prussian Blue as a base. Really made the arms pop out in the end.

I had also used red on the face, but forgot to take a photo of it. You can see the difference between a saturated and unsaturated red being used and the impact it had on the model.

In the end I had what I think is an above table top, or a good model for display purposes. I still have to make a base for it. Not quite sure how I will tackle it, but I am sure I will think of something here. Once that is finished, I will post more photos of the 2 together and what the display model looks like in the end.

Some more photos of the Morat below..

For some reason the photos did not come out all that great. Will see what I can do to improve them later on!

As always, love to hear your thoughts on this model!

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