Friday, September 28, 2012

Project UK: Chaos Hounds

Last post for this week.. and another quick work that I did over the weekend.. nothign major except that I was able to get more of the Project UK finished..

This time 20 Albino Chaos Hounds! To send towards the enemy before the main troops arrive.. or at least that is how I would use them. :)

Not the most complicated paint job, and one that I used a lot of washes to get finished, but I think they came out nice in the end.

Will be back in Istanbul, and at home for the next 2-3 weeks. So I am hoping to do some more painting while home, and getting a few projects finished. Namely the Space Wolf and the UK ones.. as people are waiting on those miniatures so.. let's put the whip behind me when I get home, and get some of these models finished up already!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Project Dystopian Wars: Sokutsu Class Battleship

Not a huge thing to post about, but while I had time on Sunday I sat down and painted up the Battleship from the Empire of the Blazing Sun starter box.

Took me a bit longer than I was really expecting, and actually I had started to paint all the ships together in a massive batch job, but figured I should just focus and paint up 1 ship instead. So here it is.

The one thing I want to do still with it is grime and age it a bit. Weather it a bit along the water line, where the guns are, and add a bit of rust to some of the larger sections. Same goes for an insignia for it as well.

Though I am still not decided on how I will pull all of that off though, so I am holding off on it at the moment until I get a chance to do more tests and practice.

Below is a shot of the Battleship beside the initial Frigate. I really liked how it came out though, and am thinking that this will turn out nicely for a faction.

Of course, my son is liking the ships also, and is also wanting to play with them now. He might be 4, but he is good at listening so it might happen. I am currently bidding on a FSA fleet and some more EoTBS ships and air crafts. Hooked? Why.. yes.. yes I am :)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Back from holidays..

Ok, so after a week of relaxing, and pretty much sleeping for a week outside of home.. I am all rested up and ready to get back to painting! It actually began to feel strange not to be painting for an hour or 16 hrs at a time for the first time in a long time. And to take a full week off from it was pretty weird in the feeling, but good at the same time I guess.

Couple of shots from my trip..

Not much to say about it aside from that I spent time away from the sun although it was in Cyprus which was  so sunny it was unbelievable. Though I did escape without a sunburn, or a tan, but without the sun burn is the more important thing to mention.

Oh and on my last day while in the airport, I found this little gem..

Someone somewhere really must have been thinking about me when they made this! My favorite 2 drinks combined! If only they made it in a bottle format, it would have been perfect! Haven't had a chance to taste it yet as I am on route to UK for the week ( where I hope to find more! ) and spent the entire weekend with the family.

Actually upon getting home, I did start to paint something, but this time something for the little guy in the house. A wooden dolphin that we picked up for him in Cyprus..

He picked out the colors, and even tried the airbrush a bit, before handing it back to me to finish off. As you can see. .he is quite happy with.. Even went so far as to go to bed with it, whereby he snapped off the fins :) Still liking it though so there is a plus..

Expect to see a few other topics I worked on throughout the Sunday later this week as well, plus whatever I get accomplished while in UK in the hotel for painting as well. I don't expect much, but you never know!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Commission artists part 3

Last but definitely not least.. the final 9.. Going into some specialists here, and some higher level painters with very unique skills.

Pirate Viking Painting A straight up proper set up for painting, and quite the operation. Clear, transparent and ( from what I hear ) a great guy to deal with! A studio for others to mirror in some ways..

Rathcore Just recently found him through 5th Dimension, and am very happy to have done so. Games Day Slayer Sword and Golden Daemon winner, and now turned painting teacher! Will have a chance to meet him in person in October when I attend his master class painting class in Aachen, Germany. Really looking forward to that session, and expect some articles from it as well.

Studio Giraldez Insane. This Spanish painter is the reason why I started Infinity, but also the reason why I keep prolonging my painting on the Infinity models themselves! He does such great work on them, that it is quite intimidating. Not sure if he does private commissions, but if he does, then whatever he does for you will come out fantastic!

Tale of Painters What happens when you gather 4 painters with extreme talent? Well first there is a tale to be told, and they are telling it with style. Recently they have been posting up a lot of WIP and Tutorials using GW products and paints. If you are an average painter looking to become great, follow their Tutorials. If your looking for something to look amazing in general, give them a shout and they will sort it out in short order.

Mike Butcher - The Butcher's Bill Ever know of a name or a person who is more myth than legend? Well Mike is both. Being a long time Games Day painter, this guy has an amazing output of fantastic pieces for GW. The best ( In my opinion ) is his converted Khorne Lord which I believe was almost completely ( if not completely ) sculpted by Mike.

Studio McVey A duo of painters hailing from UK. Mike being an ex GW and many other companies consultant in the miniature realm. His wife, new to the game, but definitely showing the vets how it is done. Now moved to their own studio and company, and just produced their first board game Sedation Wars. Was lucky enough to jump on that Kickstarter when it happened, and picked up not 1, but 2 of the games just because. Looking for some quality, then you can't go wrong here.

The Terrain Studio Not a painter so much as a terrain guy. And one that specializes in Flames of War terrain. His tables when zoomed into, and without real person perspective look so real you would think it was back in WW2 in the thick of the action!

Winterdyne Another group of painters, showing off their talents for others to drool over, and then ask for them to help with a future project! A current project to look out for is the Titan diorama. Insane amount of details are going into such a mammoth project that it just blows my mind!

The Dark Templar This fine gent is one that again only recent I have found, however I am glad that I have. His recent work has been for a charity auction, and he even went on tour to meet his fellow artists that worked on the project with him, before getting it video'd by Joey Warhammer.

I hope that you were able to find some inspiration from them as much as I have/do, and that if your looking for a commission in the future you can reference someone here that will cover what you are looking to get done.

Meanwhile I am still kicking back, relaxing and chilling with another good buddy of mine.. Jack Daniels. Though he has a bit of a side effect on me in this hazy heat here in Cyprus.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Commission artists part 2

While I am still enjoying the warm ( OK hot! ) weather of Cyprus, and trying to cool down with my buddy Capt Morgan, here is today's 9 commission artists that I find inspiration from. Many of these I go back to time and again to look at how they do something and see if I can pull it off. In some case it can happen, but in many, not so much..

Hobby Horse Ok, this is actually a painter whom I know more from forums, than I do from Blogs. I just so happened to stumble upon him there long afterwards. He has an insane talent for painting even fantasy models to look realistic! He has a link on the top right to his of his blog to his commission site. Has a fetish for goblins and dwarfs though.. JFYI..

James Wappel I don't like this site, and let me tell you why. The guy is insane in his ability to push out completely mind-bogglingly well painted models, and in such short amount of time! It is insane! Just makes me think that what I am doing at times is not worth it, but then I finish a project, get paid, and remember it's ok after all. :) But seriously.. a very talented painter, converted, sculptor, and all round artist in many ways.

Jolly Bodgers Not sure if he is a commission painter per say, but I am sure he does it from time to time. What caught my eye from this blog was his sculpting ability, and the fact that one of his Ork Busts has been picked up to be cast! Am waiting to see when and how much it will cost as I have a fetish for busts ( wait, wha? ) and look forward to grabbing it ( again.. wha? )..

Laughing Ferret All hail.. the King of Skirmish games! I have never seen so many out of the way, small producer, painter in all my travels along the blog-o-sphere. I first saw him again from with his Bayou Elf army, but since then have been mesmerized by his skill at painting unique armies or teams. Especially check out his collection of Blood Bowl teams ( his latest being Apes representing a Human team that is just beautiful! ). Also, very lucky and soon to marry his equally beautiful fiancé. I point this out, cause he does so often already ;)

Lead Legion Again another recent addition in the foray of commission painter and one that is similar to myself.. a man who has no fear of the brush or hundreds of models in front of him! Don't believe me? Check out the list of the dead.. err.. I mean painted on the left of his blog.. Impressive stats there!

Minion Studio A newer collection of painters who have kicked off with a Bang! Or is that a Zap? Pushed over from Brovatars blog to them ( of which he is a member of this gang ), the first project they jump into is a all Necron Flyer list ready to kick some imperial butt in 6th edition. Their technique on rust and paint chipping is excellent. Go check them out if nothing else for that!

Modern Synthesist Tyranids. Yup that pretty much sums up his obsession. Some really great conversions here, and always up for a commission.

Next Level Painting Seen these guys referenced a few times around the old blog-o-sphere. It seems they were born with airbrushes attached to their hands cause their skill with them is insane! Especially when zoomed out and shown at an army level.. and they do armies right!

Nuke Arts Speaking of being born with an airbrush.. this guy and his crew are insane. Taking Asian work ethics to new heights and working hours upon hours on end. His expert level is one to really look out for, as his OSL and reflective painting is quite intense. Plus he is quite the character as he is EVERYWHERE on the web at the moment.. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogger.. can't go too far without seeing his work, which is definitely a good thing.

As stated.. some very talented people and groups above. Highly recommended to check out their blogs and see what kind of projects they are working on.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Commission artists part 1

Well this week I am on holidays.. and not like the last one unfortunately. I say unfortunately for you not for me cause I am spending the week in Cyprus on a late Wedding anniversary with my wife.

But since I am not around, I figured it would be good to point out a couple of the blogs that I follow that also do Commission work. It seems there are a lot of people using Blogger to showcase their work, and because of that it is really pushing the level of details that others ( commission artists or not ) are able to achieve!

So to kick this off.. here is a quick list of people whom I follow, the work they do, their links, and why I like checking out their blogs!

5th dimension Fantastic German (?) painters whom I first stumbled upon a while back while looking for some hints on higher quality painting. He definitely delivers, and has shown me a new circle of miniature painters alongside them! It is one of those groups of painters collectively showing off what talent really is!

Admiral Drax UK painter who focuses mostly ( exclusively? ) on Imperial Guard models for Warhammer 40k. Not sure how much he does on commission but there is the odd post concerning them. If you need ANYTHING for Imperial Guard, check out his blog. Noticed him first with regards to his method of painting plans, and using excel to focus better on the status of a project. I need to get back into those as they really are helpful!

Brovatar A new commission painter hitting the scene, and hitting it in a BIG way! With his over the top conversions, and fantastic paint jobs, he has really made a name for himself here. If you need something unique and just screams "WOW!" then turn to this guy. Always a treat to see his latest projects.

Corvus Miniatures A Belgian painter who updates infrequently, and makes no bones about his style or painting schedule. Is definitely not an army painter, but for those skirmish level games or character models, this is an artist to check out. When he shows his stuff off, you can be sure that a lot of time, effort, sweat and probably a small pint of blood was put into it to make it as it is shown.

One Lover Ray What a title for a blog.. but he does commissions so I guess I should put him here.. Mostly a historical painter, with what seems to be only 1 client ( Postie ) but still.. paints like a fiend ( don't ask him as it will increase his ego more! ). Great flag creator, and really goes into research mode to confirm if the colors he is painting are correct or not. You can usually see him arguing with his lover coworker Fran.

Dr Willett's Workshop Found this blog a while back while looking at board game painters. And it seems that if you are looking for board games to be painted then go to Dr W.. am seeing some pretty awesome work lately in Space Hulk, and Mansions of Madness.. This is not to say he can't paint others, but he does amazing work on these items from what I see.

Dwartist I keep thinking this guy is painting 28+ mm miniatures, but usually he is painting in 15 mm or smaller! Amazing work for such levels.. not to say that he doesn't also do larger pieces. Not sure if he is a public commission artist, but I have seen a few pieces from him done on behalf of other businesses. Worth checking out regardless.

Excommunicate Tratoris Only know of this one, as I saw that he is mates with one of the clients I am working with, and then saw we seem to be working on similar projects but at different sides. Great work with vehicles.. every time I see his site, I see another beautifully done up rhino, flyer, or even a TITAN! Great works here.. check him out.

From The Warp Recently Ron over at FTW suffered some pretty bad adventures due to wind and a tree and his painting studio ( not to mention the rest of his house! ), but yet he still was posting and providing invaluable tidbits on how to push your painting further. A specialist of sorts on the power armor aspects of 40k. Ron constantly is showing me how to do new tricks with his how to's. He also recently did 2 articles on how to find a commission artist, and how to find a client if you are an artist. Great reads, but go there to find out.

So this was the first 9 in the list of 27 that I am currently following.. or are aware that they are commission artists.

More tomorrow..

Friday, September 14, 2012

Painting on the move..

Well.. another week down, and another week of travel completed with it. And with each travel that I take, I try to get a bit of work on some models completed alongside it.

So this week I took with me some of the second batch from UK, and worked on the Renegade Tiger Fighters.

I had forgotten my palette back in Istanbul, so while in Belgium I improvised and used a scrap of paper for the time being. But it did mean that I couldn't do as much in the dirty wash department as I couldn't just dump the wash onto the paper.

Few things still need to be done like the camo pattern and some find details and washes. However it is better than just letting them sit around waiting for me to show up at some time..

Was nice to come back from the workshops though, and unwind to painting up some lines of infantry models. Nothing shuts out all other thoughts than repeating the same pattern or activity over and over again while trying to focus.

Some blurry, poorly lit photos below..

Next week I am on holidays so expect more fluff related articles to appear.. including a 3 parter on other commission artists that I pull inspiration from!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Project Dystopian Wars: Test colors

First models painted up, shown on blue paper, and one of my fantasy hills for background. 

Recently did the un-boxing of this starter set, but here are the first paintings of the models.

Started with a Frigate. Figured if I was going to screw this up, then at least it would be a smaller ship so could be hidden along with the others. However I was quickly taken by the painting of it, and the color scheme came along nicely enough.

It has a base of Vallejo Grey Primer ( small bottle ), with the Dark Sea Grey on the lower sections, and the Medium Sea Grey on the top sections. Then mixed with some white to get the final highlight for the greys. All this is done with the airbrush, which was really pushing me to handle it better and make sure I do not overdo it. A great little exercise for me to work on.

For the rest of the ship, the floor boards are painted with Vallejo Model color Wood. Yes.. strange enough, I painted wood with a color called Wood.. and it worked!

Windows are Magic Blue with an Ice Blue dot, then washed with blue glaze. With the boilers at the back of the ship done in copper/bronze to help give it some more contrast.

The red section at the front of the ship will tie more into the ship once I do markings, but I am still undecided on how to do that. So it will have to wait a while yet.

The fighters were hilarious to paint up. Since they are sitting on 20mm bases, and have 3 per base. It was a struggle to see if I could paint them enough to make them stand out. Originally I had attempted a brown base color with the brass side railings, but it just was not working. So although it is weird to see rivets on the blue parts, I think it works better. There is some debate on this point on the Spartan Forums for Tiny Fighters ( there is another one as to whether or not to free them from their base and make them really fly! ). But I just went with the blue, and for now I am happy with that decision.

Fighter colors were one group of 5 done in dark green, and the other set in a set of greys. To help differentiate them between each other. Blue added once more on the fighter cockpit windows. Once more to give it some contrast and to also see if I could paint details on such a small model!

All in all, I really like this project, as it is really pushing my comfort zone into new areas, and making me try new techniques at a small or different scale of models. Lots of fun, and looking forward to seeing how the others will turn out. WIP shots below..

Last 8 Frigates.. greys finished.. 

6 Cruisers.. base and dark grey applied.. 

Battleship with the base and dark grey applied.. will be fun to paint this up!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Project Daemons: Screamers

Just missing bases now.. but the Screamers are finished.. at least the first batch of 4..

Not sure on the horn and spike bits, but the next batch will do more blending there then. Not much else to say.. better updates later :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dystopian Wars Unboxing: EOTRS

Been a while since I have done this, as most of the items I have been getting are already being slammed everywhere else ( new Daemon releases for example ), or I have been focusing on the commissions and haven't had the time to look into anything new.

That being said, I was able to pick up this box set of the Empire of the Blazing Sun by Spartan Games recently on eBay. Was thinking if I am going to pick up a new game, it needs to be cheaper in the beginning only to see if I will continue.. and well.. read below to see if I will continue..

Product Description:
So this is the starter box for the Empire of the Blazing Sun in the Dystopian Wars game system. It is the Japanese based faction out of the available forces, and the initial box set comes with the following:
  • 1 Battleship
  • 3 Cruisers
  • 9 Frigates
  • 2 Bombers
  • 10 Tiny Fighter tokens
  • Stat Cards for the units
  • Template cards that need to be cut out
Quite the set actually to begin with. Though when being of a smaller scale, it is not overly surprising. What is surprising is that all the parts are either metal or resin. So while all other companies are going the plastic route ( see the Reaper Kickstarter for example ) they are sticking with the resin/metal combo. A good choice here considering how small the parts are, and the insane details that are available. 

Un boxed parts.. YAY Bubble Wrap! 

Shipping: NA
Can't comment on this as I got it from eBay, and from a regular place that I pick up newer games. Shipping cost/timing was good from them, but not relevant to Spartan Games. If I had to score it, it would be an 8/10 though. 

That being said, the boxing of the set was weird, as there was no shrink wrap on the box itself. Just 2 stickers, one of either side of the end flaps. Plus all the parts were just wrapped up in bubble wrap. More damage could have been made here with that kind of packaging, but everything survived so I guess I cannot complain about them too much right?

Quality: 8/10
Here is the big question. Since they are metal and resin, it can really be hit of miss. I have had resin pieces from other companies so warped that you just have to look for a refund, and I have had flash on metal so large that I could melt it down, and mold out another copy of the model in question. 

For this starter box, there was a bit of flash on the metal parts ( Bombers especially ) and a bit of a mold line issue on the wings, but nothing that a bit of Xacto knight action couldn't handle. The ships themselves had a bit of flash from the bottom of the ships. It seems that they were 1 sided mold castings, which is both great and interesting at the same time. Great because it means no mold lines on the models themselves, but interesting that they can get all the undercuts and pieces filled in with no bubbles. 

That's right.. no bubbles or flaws in the resin pieces. Or at least none that I can see so far. 

Starter fleet from the box set. That be a lot of ships!

Service: NA
Again not relevant due to fact that I did not get it from Spartan directly. However I am seeing from the forums some pretty active threads. Only thing I do not like on the forums so far is the notice of not mentioning or showing of anything NOT from Spartan Games. So mentioning GW or Vallejo is a punishable offence potentially. Interesting. 

Stat cards for each of the units.

Price: 8/10
Now I will judge the price, even though I got it for much cheaper on eBay. Starter box goes for 29.99 GBP from Spartan Games, however you can get it for 10-20% off from most online retailers, and then I picked it up for less than 20 an online retailer through eBay. So I really have nothing to complain about on the price, but from the original price, 30 is a decent starter box price. 

Overall: 8/10
Simple math here... but seriously.. it was a good purchase, and I am already into the painting of the box set. I even ordered more units while I did the original order, and below you can see the full fleet as it stands today. I really can't wait to see how this will turn out, and how easy/hard they will be to paint up!

Extra 3 cruisers, and 3 more bombers
Let's see how they go from here, but if you were on the fence to pick these up, I would recommend them. That might even mean something to you ;) Only thing that concerns me.. is now I want to test them out in a game and see how well it plays. Mmm maybe a second starter box is in order? :)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Another Kickstarter Funded: Relic Knights

Yes.. there is yet another Kickstarter funded from CoolMiniOrNot, and this time it was the Relic Knights from Soda Pop Miniatures. Yet another game that I have been interested in for quite some time, and I was humming and ahhing over this project right till the bitter end..

So there is another $200 down the drain ;)

Opting for the Saviour level ( $100 + $25 for shipping ), and then throwing in an extra 75 for some extras. Just fell in love with the Noh Empire, mostly cause they are very daemonic looking, and I can see uses for them outside of Relic Knights. Will have a lot of fun painting up these models I believe.

The other one that I am looking at picking up is the Doctrine. Mostly cause they have a special character librarian type, with an assistant. And I think he has naughty thoughts of the assistant. :)

Plus then I will have 2 main characters on large cat like things to fight it out against each other!

Extras I am looking at are more items for the Noh Empire, and the Super Dungeon Explorer mini characters most likely. Not sure what else, but I will figure it out once the payment clears, and the survey comes out.

So in the meantime, I get to wait more for another package of models that I am not sure when I will get around to painting, or working on, or even if I will ever get to play with them. But hey, it is another book to go on the shelf and look pretty.. right beside that 6th edition Warhammer book, and the even larger 8th edition Fantasy version. At least I will have some nice models in boxes to store around the house.. right?

Friday, September 7, 2012

Project Space Wolves: Rhinos

2 Space Wolf Rhinos.. almost factory fresh, and ready to roll out. I have a small bag of extra wolf tails and a wolf pelt to throw on it, and am waiting for the client to swing by tomorrow to attempt some mud on the sides, but for me at the moment they are finished.

Really learned a lot from doing these, and I think the future ones will be taking far less time, and might even pop out better! Still have a Drop pod to do up in TableTop quality but that will have to wait for a long while yet. Too many business travels for the rest of the month now to tackle it. Will have to focus on another project in the meantime, one that travels easier. 

And another sneak peak of Screamers.. 

They do not want to stay in focus.. I blame the warp for that! But they are needing a bit more work before I do up their bases, and show them off better!

Cheers for now.. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Project Space Wolves: Rhino WIPs

Ok, so I do not do a lot of vehicles.. anyone who has ever seen my armies they are primarily infantry or monster heavy. It is my style..

So what happens when your style gets interrupted with a commission requiring work on vehicles? You learn, and continually vlad ( made up work meaning to spend way too long on youtube, specially on BuyPainted's youtube channel. Due to his voice sounding like Vlad the Vampire from older horror movies. Seriously.. check it out..  ).

With that in mind, here are the WIPs of the first 2 vehicles, being of Rhinos for the tactical squads.

Again, they are WIP at this time as there are parts missing on them ( Headlights, hatches, extra adornments ).. Color scheme is similar to the troopers, except they came out a bit darker due to the large flat spaces.

I have to say that at times while looking at them while painting, it was like watching a trainwreck.. I make no excuses there.. however thankfully when the washes dried, and the colors settled it came out a lot better ( A LOT BETTER )..

Red sections were added to give it some contrast, and the glass made blue again for contrast.

Top hatch is black with red markings. No idea why where that idea came from, but I thought it would fit for the fluff of the marines.

While working on this, and waiting for things to dry, I also began work on 3 screamers.. WIP shot below..

Still a lot of work to be done on them, but the main blue areas finished, and hoping to get more done on both projects before the week is over. Maybe even tonight!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Project Daemons of Chaos: Nurglings

So as stated yesterday, I did up a unit from my latest purchases from UK! Was a small order to be honest..

  • 5 boxes of Plaguebearers
  • 4 boxes of Screamers
  • 2 boxes of Nurglings
  • 1 box of Bloodcrushers
  • 2 boxes of Soul Grinders
  • 1 box of a Herald of Tzeentch on Disc ( but a decent Failcast copy )
With this batch now sitting around the desk, so I figured why not see how long it would take to paint it up! And then I did!

They are not the best to sit on the resin bases.. so I will be pulling them from them once I get some cork to make my own. 

Color scheme I went for an easy one.. green. 

Started with a base of greys, in order to do some pre-shading, except I am not sure if it worked completely. Then I ran it with a green ink from Vallejo through the airbrush. 

Once all that was in play, I went to town on them with the GW washes. 

Internal organs were done with GW flesh colors, then washes with red, before giving the blood treatment. 

Eyes with yellow, and washes of yellow and green again around the eyes also. And the horns brown with some washes of brown again. 

In the end, I think they came out nice enough. The next box of them I might do up a bit brighter, and more yellow/brown instead. 

What is also super awesome is that there are 7 spare Nurglings per box.. and then a ton more on the Plaguebearer boxes.. so I will be able to make quite a few extra bases of them.. Looking forward to seeing how many I can create with all the models I have currently!

Next on the table are Rhinos! Let's see how that turns out...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Project Space Wolves: Long Fangs part 2

Second unit of the Long Fangs.. This one is a little bit more scary though..

Packing 3 Multi-Meltas and 2 Plasma Cannons!

So now I just have to finish the last unit, except a slight problem.. missing parts! Missing around 8 or so shoulder pads, and some arms to help hold the heavy weapons. So they will be sitting around until the parts arrive then.

Tomorrows update is NOT commission based! Surprised to that or what! I received my models from UK during my last trip, and decided to paint up a new unit.. any guesses on what it could be?

Monday, September 3, 2012

Project Space Wolves: Long Fangs part 1

So start of a new week, and start of a new couple of units!

Let's start with the Long Fangs with Missle Launchers.. the bane of 5th edition, but probably not as effective in 6th edition. Still will pack quite the wallop though.

All weapons done up in bright red to show themselves off to the enemy better.

Again this unit is a Table Top quality unit. Am still trying to get through them all before I start with the higher quality paint jobs.
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